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Character Building Program

There are many different definitions of character education, but most include efforts to shape the behavior of children by presenting a clear set of values, virtues, and awareness of behavior that goes along with them.


This special program provides the framework for building character and personal conduct at home and school. Our main objective at TK Martial Arts is to develop the excellent student, not only at the martial arts school, but in society as well. The purpose of the program is to supply us with more information about your child’s home and school habits.


This character building program is developed to help parents and teachers build character and exemplary personal conduct in children. Also it is designed by Martial Arts school and parents who are passionate about building character and personal conduct in children.


How it works

Students are required to complete character building chart and check with parent daily bases. At the end of each month bring the chart back and receive a star patch as an award for any improvement. When students receive 10 stars they will receive a small tiger patch and 20 stars will get them a big tiger patch. Also students are required to bring Home Report Card and recent school report card for each belt promotion testing. 


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