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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between a traditional style schools verses other styles of schools?


A: We, as a traditional style school, pride ourselves with providing a quiet, respectful and supportive environment. The martial arts program of a traditional style school is based on a time-tested method of physical and mental training.  With thousands of years of history, martial arts training have a proven record of producing physical, mental and spiritual strength. The spiritual training emphasizes good manners and the importance of getting along with others while the moral education stresses honesty and integrity. At the traditional style schools, these qualities are given equal or greater emphasis then the excellent physical aspect.

Q: Will training at Tae Kuk Martial Arts make my child aggressive?


A: Absolutely not.  In fact, many parents bring their overly aggressive children to our schools in order for them to release all their energy and to channel and focus it in a positive manner.  Not only do we teach WHAT to do, but also WHEN, WHERE, and WHY to do it.  Our programs have also helped the shy students to be more outgoing.  It has been our experience that aggressiveness or shyness is replaced with self-confidence.


Q: How are the classes divided?  Will there be other students like me who have never trained before?


A: The classes are divided by age and by level of experience; therefore, beginners will attend class with all the other beginners.  It is almost better to have no previous experience, so there will be no bad habits to break.  In addition, we separate the children from the adults because we have recognized that different teaching methods are needed for each group.  Separate classes ensure that both adults and children will receive the appropriate instruction.  However, the exception to this is families who have the option of bringing their child to either children or adult classes.

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